Booktober - Turning the Page on Disadvantage

This Booktober we want to put as many books in to the hands of underprivileged kids as we can. And we need your help to do it. There’s lots of walks, runs and shaves for charity but now there’s an event where you can stop, breathe and read a book – all for a good cause! It’s really simple. Decide how many books you’ll read during October and make that pledge. For every book you read, make a donation to provide a book to a child who needs it the most.

By being a BookWorm this Booktober you're pledging to read a certain number of books to raise money to support WestWords in providing both books and literacy programs to disadvantaged children within the Greater Western Sydney region. 

There's a couple of ways you can take action. You can donate yourself - $10 for every book you read in Booktober (which will put a brand new book into the hands of a kid who needs it) or you can rally your friends and family and get them to sponsor you for each book you read. Click here to find out more:


1 Book = $10
2 Books = $20
5 Books = $50
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Here's your opportunity to block out the distractions of the modern world, hit pause on social media noise, and get reading. You have the perfect reason!

Your reading helps kids from disadvantaged backgrounds receive new books and participate in literacy programs.

Share the love of reading! You know how important learning to read is, and you also know how enjoyable it can be to lose yourself in a great story. 

Why not show your support by putting brand new books in to the hands of kids from disadvantaged backgrounds. Some of the kids we meet have never owned a book of their own.

Marginalisation and disadvantage aren't something you can fix overnight. But your support empowers these kids to read more books, to learn how to tell their stories and see what is truly possible.

And that possibility is the ability to dream. Your support today could help produce an author, an illustrator, a poet or a musician.